Europe is a mosaic of neighbourhoods

“From Hood to Hood” is an innovative radio project that aims to create a European public opinion at the neighborhood level. Different topics will be discussed and analyzed in a district of Berlin, in its twin town and at the EU-Parliament. The encounter of citizens from different EU member states at every political level represents the heart of the project. EU-citizens should understand their fellow citizens and experience how EU-Policies directly influence their neighborhood.


  • T1. Youth unemployment, Berlin-Wedding & Tourcoing, France
  • T2. National minorities, Berlin-Mitte & Budapest VI Terazveras, Hungary
  • T3. EU-Citizenship, Berlin-Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf & Split, Croatia
  • T4. Digital Economy, Berlin & Tallinn, Estonia
  • T5. Asylum Policy, Berlin-Tempelhof-Schöneberg & Amstelveen, Netherlands
  • T6. Training and mobility, Berlin-Steglitz-Zehlendorf & Langadas-Sochos, Greece

A European radio programme about the local perception of EU policy areas:
– offers a platform for local heretofore neglected actors, above all non-commercial media, grassroots activists
– mediates between the citizens and their institutional representatives as well as between fellow citizens deriving from different Member States
– highlights, in particular, the work done by the EU-Parliament which is the EU institution with the highest level of democratic legitimacy
– contributes to the bottom-up Europeanisation.

In all 4 stages of each topic, 180 to 230 people will participate directly. They will range from young EU-citizens to activists, politicians, experts as well as all interested persons.

Example for the topic Youth unemployment:

STAGE 1 – Focus groups in Berlin and Tourcoing with young unemployed

STAGE 2 – Radio shows in Berlin and Lille where unemployed meet local politicians and experts.

STAGE 3 – TV show in the EU parliament. Unemployed meet their representatives at EU-level.

STAGE 4 – Public Discussion in Berlin: all participants so far will discuss the topic in an open format. Aim is formulating and advocating solutions to youth unemployment.

Our main goal is to create a European public opinion at neighborhood level by activating citizen participation and by encouraging them to develop solutions and advocate them. The project provides better knowledge of fellow citizens by showing what they share. We want to increase awareness for the EU-Citizenship enhancing cross-border experiences, creating mutual interest. The concept of the project also enables a better understanding of media democracies. “From Hood to Hood” provides incentives and encourages to participate in EU affaires: empowered, responsible citizen handling information.

VISU3From Berlin-Wedding to Tourcoing via the EU-Parliament in Strasbourg

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